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Dušan Jovanović

Dušan Jovanović and Radko Polič <em>Photo: Saša Huzjak</em>

Dušan Jovanović and Radko Polič Photo: Saša Huzjak

Born: 01.10.1939


  • Graduated French and English languages and literatures at the Faculty of Philology, University of Ljubljana, 1958-62
  • Studied Theatre Directing, Academy of Theatre Arts, University of Ljubljana, 1964-68

Present Position: Retired. Writes and directs as free lance artist. Teaches Playwriting at the University Koper.

Previous Positions:

  • Taught Theatre Directing and Acting at the Academy of Theatre Arts, University of Ljubljana.
  • President of Presern's Foundation (2005-2008)
  • Member of a board of  Slovene Film Fund (2006-2008)
  • Co-founder and Director of Pupilija Ferkeverk Theatre in Ljubljana, 1968-69 

  • Co-founder and Director of GLEJ experimental Theatre, Ljubljana, 1970-1973

  • Freelance theatre director and playwright, 1973-76 and 1987-89
 Artistic Director, Slovensko Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana (1976-1987)

  • In 1989 initiator and co-editor of EUROMASKE, the european theatre quaterly, 1990- spring 91
  • Artistic director of Cultural Month Ljubljana 1997

Plays published and produced:
  Madmen; Stamps and Emilia; The Life of Provincial Playboys after World War 2; Generations; Victims of Fashion; Act a Brain Tumor and Air Pollution; Liberation of Skopje; Karamazovs; The Military Secret; Victor or the Day of Youth; The Soothsayer; The Wall, the Lake;Don Juan Gone to Pot; Antigone; The Puzzle of Courage; Era una Volta nel Teatro (one act); Who's Singing Sisyphus? Karajan C; Clinics Kozarcky, Exhibitionist; Relevations; Bobby and Boris, Boris, Milena, Radko

Plays published in collections and separate volumes, in antologies of slovene and yugoslav drama and in literary and theatre magazines in Slovenian, Serbocroat, English, Polish, German, Hungarian, Check, Italian, French, Macedonian and Slovak.
Some plays adopted for radio and produced and aired by yugoslav and foreign radio stations (Italy, Austria, Germany, Israel)

Dramatisations of novels for stage: Dostoievsky, Demons;Tolstoy, Ana Karenina, Vladimir Bartol, Alamut

TV plays, film:

Published  3 TV plays (Hitchhiking, The Sun for two, Saturday Afternoon), all produced by TV Ljubljana
  • TV serieal Weekend, produced by TV Ljubljana.
  • Screenplays for feature films Sun for two and Felix  (director – Božo Šprajc)
  • Writer: short film Gratinated Brains Of Pupilija Ferkeverk  (director by Karpo Godina)
  • Dialogues: Masquerade (director Boštjan Hladnik)
  • Adaptations, dramaturgy: Odpadnik (director Božp Šprajc)
  • Actor: Sweet Dreams (director Sašo Podgoršek); When I close my eyes (director Franci Slak); Piran, Pirano  (director Goran Vojnović)
  • Video instalation Confessions, produced for APT theatre, Novo mesto 2009
  • Portraits of 46 Slovenian writers, produced by Studio Strup, video, 2010


  • Don Juan in Agony, a novel, Mladinska knjiga, 1956/56
  • Paberki (Bits), a collection of essays, knjiznica MGL, Ljubljana, 1996
  • Man:Woman, letters to a woman friend (with Manca Kosir), CZ, Ljubljana, 2000.
  • Saturday book, collection of essays, VZ, Ljubljana 2005
  • The world is Drama., Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 2007
  • Short stories, articles, essays, columns in various magazines.


  • I am not, collection of poems, Beletrina, Ljubljana 2011

Recent foreign publications:

  • Liberation of Skopje, selecton of 7 plays, published by Matica in Skopje, 2007
  • Slovene Theatre and Drama, four plays by  slovene playwrights, Boozsky clinic by Dušan Jovanović, published by Peter Lang, London, 2007
  • The Exhibitionist, Veterni mlyny, 2006, Brno
  • Military Secret  (anthology of eastern european drama Playwrights before the fall), published by Martin E. Segal Thetre Center, New York, 2009
  • The Exhibitionist, published by Divadelny ustav Bratislava 2011
  • Szkopje felszabaditisa, Szloven irodalmi antologia IV, A szerzok, szerkesztok, 2010


  • Screenplays for feature films Sun for two and Felix  (director – Božo Šprajc)
  • Writer: short film Gratinated Brains Of Pupilija Ferkeverk  (director Karpo Godina)
  • Dialogues: Masquerade (director Boštjan Hladnik)
  • Adaptations, dramaturgy: Odpadnik (director Božp Šprajc)
  • Actor: Sweet Dreams (director Sašo Podgoršek); When I close my eyes (director Franci Slak)

Theatre directing:
 Directed over 150 plays of Yugoslav and foreign authors. (Cankar, Krleza, Nusic, Smole, Kovacevic, Hieng, Svetina, Seligo, Jesih, Ionesco, Vitrac, Schiller, Shakespeare, Buechner, Strindberg, Gorki, Chexov, Gombrowich, Havel, Shepard, Albee, O Neill, Moliere, Musset...) in the professional theatres of Ljubljana, Celje, Maribor, Nova Gorica, Novo mesto, Triste, Sarajevo, Zenica, Zagreb, Belgrade, Subotica, Dubrovnik, Split, St Etienne and Vienna).

Prizes and awards:

  • 4 Sterija prizes of the Yugoslav National Drama Festival in Novi Sad for directing and playwriting;
  • 3 Golden Wreath prizes for at the Sarajevo MESS Festival;

  • 2 Bojan Stupica prizes for the best Yugoslav production of the year.

  • 5 Borstnik prizes for directing at the Slovenian festival in Maribor;

  • A special Obie mention for Liberation of Skopje in New York, USA;
  • Gavella (Zagreb) playwriting award for Karamazovs;

  • Special Directing prize of the Bitef International Theatre Festival, Belgrade; 

  • Silver Medail of the Cultural Olimpics in Abano Terme, Italy;

  • 4 Slavko Grum prizes for playwriting at the Slovenian Drama Festival in Kranj;

  • Great Prešeren Prize of the Republic of Slovenia for directing and dramatic opus (1990);
  • City of Skopje award in 2007
  • Award "Marjan Rožanc" for best book of essays in 2008 for the book "The world is Drama".

 Open Society Fund /New York Institute for Humanities, New York 1983 
 Gulliver, Felix Meritis foundation, Amsterdam

Lectures, Conferences, workshops

  • Guest lectures at several Ex Yugoslav and American universities; also at Columbia and NYU in 2006, Martin E. Segal Theatre, New York, lecture  "On fear", 2006.
  • Readings in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007 and Porto, Portugal, 2008
  • Participation at international conferences (On Cultural Diversity in Europe, Berlin 1990; Vienna Peace Conference, Verona Forum 1993, Gulliver Conference in Istambul, 1993, in Paris 1995)
 Theatre Conferences (IETM conferences, European Drama Bienalle in Bonn, 1992, ITI World Congress in Muenich 1993, Culture in Balance, Antwerpen 1993), Intercult in Stockholm, 1998, ITI conference on Sophocles in Athens, 2004.

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